Chronic Insomnia Treatment

Do you have any problems sleeping or are you feeling tired during the day? If you have this sort of problem regularly, you might be suffering from insomnia. Don’t worry though, this is something common these days and it’s a problem in many countries around the world. Just in the US alone, one in three adults suffers from some sort of sleeping disorder, or at least they have the symptoms. According to the same study which was done by the Sleep Disorders Research National Center, over ten percent of all adults in the US suffer from chronic insomnia.

Chronic Insomnia TreatmentWhen it comes to the causes of insomnia and its chronic version, there are plenty of factors which can cause it. Most health professionals think that the insomnia causes are pain, depression, stress and a number of medical illnesses. Fatigue and tiredness are just the beginning. Some of the possible effects of chronic insomnia can be physical signs, mood changes or a poor function of the brain. Even though the things I just mentioned will not threaten your life, they can be major inconveniences and your life quality and lifestyle may be affected by them.

Even though the causes aren’t always clear, insomnia can be cured, so you don’t have to suffer from it. You can try a number of methods to get rid of a sleeping disorder and get back your life and your sleep. There are options for treatment of chronic insomnia and some of the examples are the use of medications that are approved by the FDA, cognitive behavioral therapy and many other options of natural treatment, like changing your lifestyle.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

One of the more popular options for the treatment of chronic insomnia is using CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy. CBT is known as an approach that isn’t considered medical, which tackles sleeping disorders. CBT appeared based on a belief that there are a number of factors which cause chronic insomnia. With this type of treatment, you begin by going through a clinical interview, where you are asked a number of questions about your sleeping disorder. In order for the disorder to be treated effectively, you will have to try a number of things, like stimulus control, sleep restriction or proper sleep hygiene. All the approaches I just mentioned should be mixed with the right relaxation.

Use medications approved by the FDA

Insomnia patients abuse of the use of medications and in many cases these are over the counter meds. The problem is that not every medication which is used is actually helpful for a chronic insomniac. Apparently, the only ones that are safe and effective against the insomnia are the benzodiazepine receptor agonists. This was first announced at a NIH conference from 2005, which dealt with the insomnia management. During the same conference it was shown that many of the medications sold for sleep disorders were actually inefficient and they didn’t have proper studies done on their safety.

Using lifestyle changes and natural approaches

Many of the people that suffer from chronic insomnia can be cured as long as they make some changes to their lifestyle. One example would be using a regular wake time and bedtime schedule, allowing the body to get used to sleep at a certain time. By getting used with a certain hour to go to sleep, your body will anticipate it when that hour gets closer.

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